PKB Cosmetics, toiletry and fragrance filling lines

After-sales service and support

Remote assistance

Most machine down time is due to minor issues that can be solved quickly either by phone or by email.

PKB has a hot-line which can effectively sort issues that are easy to solve from more serious incidents that require more in-depth study.

Hot-Line Contact or by calling: +33 2 32 28 78 72 ou +33 6 13 92 74 54


Remote maintenance

Our machines are pre-configured for diagnostics and remote maintenance via internet.

We can therefore assist you very rapidly without needing to travel, particularly by analyzing and preparing appropriately for a possible intervention on site. This saves time, is more efficient, and reduces costs, as well as providing higher quality support.



Pièces détachées

Whether or not the machine is still under warranty, we undertake to work anywhere in the world at the shortest possible notice and whenever required.

These interventions are carried out by our teams of experienced bilingual engineers.

Customer Service Contact 


Spare parts

All our CE origin parts are in stock or rapidly available at the best price.

Spare Parts Service Contact or by calling : +33 2 32 23 04 45