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Protection of personal data

The GDPR is the new European regulation on the protection of data. It came into force in 2018, and affects all companies involved in the processing of data of a personal nature concerning European residents.

The GDPR aims to:

- harmonize, at a European level, the regulations governing the protection of data;

- transfer more responsibility to companies through the development of self-monitoring;

- strengthen the rights of individuals (access rights, the ‘right to be forgotten’, portability rights, etc.).

The GDPR (regulation 679/2016) replaces directive 95/46/CE (published in 1995), which served in France as a basis for the Loi Informatique & Libertés (Law on IT and civil liberties).

PKB considers the protection of data of a personal nature to be a crucial element of the services we offer you. Our Confidentiality Policy sets out the principles and guidelines applicable to the protection of your personal data, and is designed to provide you with the relevant information.

It may be consulted here.