PKB Cosmetics, toiletry and fragrance filling lines

PKB SYNCHRO JARS: filling / capping machine up to 60 jars per minute

PKB SYNCHRO JARS: filling / capping machine up to 60 jars per minute
  • PKB SYNCHRO jars : filling and capping machine up to 60 bpm
  • Cosmetic jars
  • Cosmetic cream jar filling
  • Jar rotation during filling
  • Plastic lids deposit
  • Alu lids deposit
  • Cosmetic cream jar cap placing
  • Cosmetic cream jar screwing
  • Cosmetics cream jar cap screwing

The PKB SYNCHRO JARS filling/capping machine is the high performance servodriven multi-format machine for cream filling, aluminium foil heat-sealing, plastic lid placing and capping for cosmetic cream jars.
The benefits from PKB expertise for easy and quick format changeovers applied to jars of cosmetics creams by optimized use of servodrives, resulting in :

  • excellent dosing accuracy and filling optimization,
  • automatic dose change,
  • jar rotation during filling for better spreading of cream in angles, in the case of flat-shouldered jars,
  • bottom-up filling of the jars with quick diving of the nozzle, preventing air occlusions in the cosmetic cream,
  • an extremely wide range of cream viscosities,
  • cap screwing torque control: constant and highly accurate for optimum comfort and easy opening of the jars (for end users),
  • the extreme simplification of settings and changeovers using the industrial PC,
  • cap orientation (with respect to facing), based on camera technology.

Dust remover with strong blowing and powerful suction helps optimize prophylaxis.
The design of the PKB SYNCHRO JARS filling/capping machine allows handling a wide range of types of jars (round, oval, square, small or large, etc.) up to 400 ml.
Diagnostics and remote maintenance assistance via Internet.