PKB Cosmetics, toiletry and fragrance filling lines

PKB PRESTO PERFUME: 120 bpm all servodrive multi-format continuous crimping machine

PKB PRESTO PERFUME: 120 bpm all servodrive multi-format continuous crimping machine
  • Crimping or pressing machine for perfume pumps
  • Perfume bottles
  • Crimping - PRESTO
  • 2 turrets - PRESTO

PKB PRESTO PERFUME : the servodrive, multi-format, high-speed, continuous "positive" crimping machine for perfumes (120 bpm)

A high performance filling machine designed by leading edge PKB R&D, this PKB PRESTO PERFUME continuous ‘positive’ perfume pump crimping machine (with dip-tube straightening) is the fastest in the world.

This all servodrive perfume pump crimping machine combines high speed with fast format changeovers thanks to changeover automation on the display.

The result is extreme flexibility, comfort of use and unequaled/repeatable setting accuracy.

The ‘positive” pump pre-crimping (with dip-tube straightening) is essential for long, thin dip-tubes and/or ‘wide’ bottles of which the height is less than, or even significantly less than the length of the dip-tube.

The same PRESTO perfume pump crimping machine can handle both ‘positive’ pre-crimping/crimping (with dip-tube straightening) and perfume pump insertion for ‘positive’ pre-snap-on/snap-on (with dip-tube straightening) of snap-on crimpless pumps.


  • High output crimping machine : 120 bpm,
  • Multi-format: crimp-on perfume pumps Ø 13 to 20 (actuator pre-assembled or not), crimpless perfume pumps Ø 13 to 20
  • No splashing (continuous motion machine) for these high outputs,
  • Easy adaptation to new packaging,
  • Robust, ergonomic design and minimum maintenance,
  • Stainless steel guards and safety glass,
  • Clear, user-friendly machine manual,
  • Machine certified to CE standards by an independent accredited organization,
  • Diagnostics and remote maintenance assistance via Internet.