PKB Cosmetics, toiletry and fragrance filling lines

PKB VIRTUO COSMETICS : filling machine up to 140 bpm

PKB VIRTUO COSMETICS : filling machine up to 140 bpm
  • Liquid cosmetics
  • Liquid cosmetics filling with 12 nozzles - VIRTUO
  • Liquid cosmetics filling - VIRTUO
  • With puck transfer - VIRTUO
  • Liquid cosmetics bottle exit - VIRTUO

The PKB VIRTUO machine is the most versatile in-line volumetric filling machine on the market, carefully combining servodrives and a completely innovative redesign of the filling and cleaning circuits. Ideal for filling liquid cosmetics.

The movement of bottom-up filling is managed using servodrives, further optimizing the system by controlling the variable up/down speed of the nozzles to suit the asymmetric shapes and contours of the bottles and the characteristics of the products being filled.

Finally, ease of use is maximized by using an industrial PC; each format changeover is simply performed by pressing a key on the display.

Unrivalled ease of processing biphasic or even triphasic liquids.

A complete redesign offers optimized cleaning, whether performed on or off the production line.

With its innovative design, its optimized filling and cleaning circuit, and its integrated balcony structure, the PKB VIRTUO versatile volumetric filling machine enables cosmetics products to be processed in line with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Diagnostics and remote maintenance assistance via Internet.