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PKB MASSFLO COSMETICS : filling/capping machine up to 200/400 bpm

PKB MASSFLO COSMETICS : filling/capping machine up to 200/400 bpm
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Until now, high-speed cosmetic filling/capping machines have been limited to 2 or 3 formats. The new PKB continuous high-speed rotary filling/capping machine MASSFLO offers an ultra-flexible multi-format solution allowing to handle up to 50 different formats at 200/400 bottles per minute, a world first.
The MASSFLO's innovative filling system is designed to process all types of cosmetics products, whether pasty, semi-pasty, semi-liquid, liquid, foaming or viscous. 
The PKB MASSFLO bottle filling machine can handle foaming or viscous products, and increases production outputs at the same time.
The choice of MASS FLOWMETER technology offers the additional advantages:

  • No retention areas
  • Extreme flexibility for format changeover
  • Almost no change parts (as no pumps are used) for the range of existing formats, nor are any required for future formats,
  • Reliable and robust technology,
  • Dosing accuracy,
  • Optimized prophylaxis with minimal effluent discharge (no tank).


  • Optimized production output: with the smart use of servodrives, the efficiency of filling stations has increased, so only 16 nozzles/mass flowmeters are now needed to reach 200 bottles per minute for 400 ml formats. Similarly, only 24 nozzles/mass flowmeters are needed to achieve 400 bottles per minute for 200ml formats, with consequent important benefits in terms of cleaning and minimal effluent discharge.
  • Time and cost savings for format changeovers:
    • few or no format parts (centralisers) on the filling system,
    • quickly removable parts on the capping system,
    • no need to remove the rinsing manifold. It is “pre-installed” on the machine, resulting in  considerable time saving and greatly improved ergonomics,
    • all other operations are performed during masked time and/or at the display.

Diagnostics and remote maintenance assistance via Internet.