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PKB ROBO Nail Varnish: filling/capping machine up to 50 bpm

PKB ROBO Nail Varnish: filling/capping machine up to 50 bpm
  • PKB ROBO Nail varnish
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  • Nail varnish bottle filling
  • Nail varnish bottle filling
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  • Nail varnish cap screwing
  • Nail varnish ball feeding

A highly flexible filling machine for nail varnishes, suitable for a very broad palette of colors and textures.

Viscous or semi-viscous, without or with glitter, nail varnish comes in a wide variety of textures and an infinitely variable color range.

Varnish with glitter, being the most delicate texture to process, requires filling without damaging the glitter particles as well as an even distribution of glitter in all bottles. The PKB ROBO Nail Varnish filling machine meets these requirements thanks to a special filling circuit also designed to optimize cleaning. This filling circuit can handle all types of glitter.

While the bottles are often standard, designers show boundless imagination when it comes to colors with up to 400 shade references listed! Thanks to its dual filling circuit, PKB offers the solution to this challenge with a color change in less than 10 seconds! A cleaning circuit installed in parallel with the filling circuit allows circuit 2 to be cleaned during masked time while filling circuit 1 is operating, and vice versa.

Quick-drying varnish: problem solved!

A decisive criterion in a consumer’s choice is short drying time, which is the most difficult challenge for nail varnish manufacturers.

PKB has designed an ingenious system to prevent the nozzles from coming into contact with air, resolving the issue of drying when the machine is stopped.

Furthermore, PKB has also developed an array of new methods to optimize ergonomics :

  • bead dispenser reloaded without stopping the machine,
  • optimized pump recharging to counter the effects of elasticity and deformation of the product (thick fluid and small dose),
  • raised turret to facilitate cleaning,
  • simple multi-format brush and cap sorting.

The PKB ROBO Nail Varnish monoblock filling machine combines multiple formats, compactness, easy cleaning and production flexibility. It offers output rates from 40 to 110 bpm, to carry out all the operations needed for full nail varnish bottle filling and capping.

The flexibility of the PKB ROBO Nail Varnish machine offers undeniable advantages for this type of production in which combining multiple formats, speed and productivity is an absolute must.

Therefore :

  • The use of multi-format pucks enables the machine to handle a multitude of different formats.
  • The machine performs all types of operations specific to this industry: one or more beads, caps, brushes, brush/cap pre-assembled.
  • It is possible to switch between automatic and manual placement (when components are very fragile such as gold gilt caps).
  • Only one vibrating bowl feeder for all types of brushes or caps.