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PKB EKO nail varnish : filling/capping machine up to 50 bpm

PKB EKO nail varnish : filling/capping machine up to 50 bpm

A highly flexible filling machine for nail varnishes, suitable for a very broad palette of colors and textures

An entry-level machine, the filling and capping PKB EKO nail varnish is mass-produced to keep cost low (50% cheaper).

Thanks to incredibly fast and tool-free changeovers, the PKB EKO nail varnish filling and capping machine is very successful with contract packers as well as manufacturers dealing with short runs, frequent format changeovers, and the absolute necessity of being highly reactive and flexible.

PKB EKO nail varnish is especially suited to small production runs and frequent changeovers.

Viscous or semi-viscous, without or with glitter, nail varnish comes in a wide variety of textures and an infinitely variable color range.

Varnish with glitter, being the most delicate texture to process, requires filling without damaging the glitter particles as well as an even distribution of glitter in all bottles.

Designers show boundless imagination when it comes to colors with up to 400 shade references listed!

The flexibility of the PKB EKO nail varnish machine offers undeniable advantages for this type of production :

  • Not expensive
  • Optimized pump recharging to counter the effects of elasticity and deformation of the product (thick fluid and small dose)
  • The use of multi-format pucks enables the machine to handle a multitude of different formats
  • The machine performs all types of operations specific to this industry : one or more beads, caps, brushes, brush/cap pre-assembled
  • Can handle the glitters
  • Quick and easy tool-free color changes under 30 seconds
  • Proven reliability consistent with the standards of excellence and durability for PKB machines, with the associated reduction in operating costs
  • Small footprint
  • Diagnostics and remote maintenance assistance via internet
  • Clear, user-friendly machine manual
  • Very easy to use, with no special qualifications or training required
  • Machine approved and certified by an independent external accredited organization
  • Output up to 50 bpm
  • Best quality/price/delivery time ratio on the market.

Simple, reliable and economical, PKB EKO nail varnish is THE ideal entry-level SOLUTION machine for packaging nail varnish, even with glitters, for manufacturers in emerging countries as well as all manufacturers with small and medium production runs.