PKB Cosmetics, toiletry and fragrance filling lines

Our network

PKB adds value to its industrial cosmetics and fragrance packaging expertise, offering customers the benefits of its national networks through its membership of various communities (cosmetic cluster, professional syndicates, professional organizations).



The COSMETIC VALLEY cluster boasts an excellent worldwide reputation and plays a key role in the French cosmetics industry, leader on the international market.

COSMETIC VALLEY is currently worth €18 billion and employs over 36,000 people.

Over one cosmetic product in every 10 sold in the world is manufactured by the COSMETIC VALLEY cluster.


GEPPIA (French Packaging and Processing Machinery Trade Association)


Mission :

  • Its mission is to bring packaging machine manufacturers together to help them to develop collaboration and improve their technical, economic, commercial (export) and financial performance. This cooperation is particularly effective in providing information, communication, group purchasing of parts and components as well as attending international trade shows as a group venture.

  • It also helps federate the manufacturers as a whole, to develop complete innovative solutions and lines, from the product transformation process to packaging, both in France and overseas.



Tendances Packaging



Normandy is one of the leading regions in the world packaging sector.
Its vocation is to federate packaging companies, encouraging dialog and increasing the number of partnerships and shared projects.

  • Over 13,000 jobs
  • Over 200 companies
  • most important region in France in this field



BPIFRANCE's mission is to encourage companies’ innovation and growth, to boost competitive edge.

BPIFRANCE EXCELLENCE is an exclusive club of 2,000 companies chosen for their innovative approaches and perspectives for growth. They are seen as future world leaders.

PKB is proud to have been chosen by BPIFRANCE EXCELLENCE to be part of this club and develop its cosmetic and fragrance filling lines activity.



SYMOP (French Manufacturing Machinery and Technologies Trade Association)


Mission : to represent the industry as a manufacturing technology companies association, to facilitate friendly dialog between professionals and promote the industry’s message to outside contacts (customers, media, public authorities, civil society, etc.) through a single voice.

  • Approximately 240 companies and 16,000 employees.
  • An organization managed by professionals for professionals.
  • It is affiliated to a powerful French federation, the FIM (Federation of Mechanical Engineering Industries).
  • Christophe Guyard, PKB's CEO, is the Vice-President of Symop Packaging.