PKB Cosmetics, toiletry and fragrance filling lines

Human resources

To continue its strategy of developing innovative products (high R&D budgets) for export (60 to 70% of turnover is from exports), the PKB Human Resource department is keen to identify current and future needs and help staff develop their skills.

PKB's Human Resource policy is characterized through:

  • Forward-looking action on jobs and skills,
  • Training budgets significantly higher than legally required, so our employees can develop their expertise and receive support throughout their career,
  • Developing roles, internal promotions for the company’s talented staff,
  • Permanent employment contracts in France, the US and India as part of a job creation policy,
  • Recruitment of skilled and specialized employees: Designers/Project designers, Automation technicians, Workshop Technicians/assembly line workers, Electromechanical Engineers, Field Service Engineers (FSE) France and Export, Export Managers, Project Managers, Trilingual Sales Assistants, etc.

In a constantly changing economy, the Company must adapt and review its operations, relationship strategies, and communications to ensure good performance. This highlights the importance of openness to others, to change and to continuous improvement.