PKB Cosmetics, toiletry and fragrance filling lines

Company profile

PKB is the number one manufacturer of perfume and cosmetic filling machines and lines in France, the leading supplier for a French industry that is itself a world leader.

PKB exports 70% of its machines throughout the world to small, medium and major industrial companies as well as contract packers.

Over the past 60 years, PKB has sold more than 12,000 machines all around the world. 80% of perfume filling machines in France are PKB machines.

PKB's strategy is a specialist one UNIQUELY focused on the Perfume and Cosmetics markets, providing a full range of solutions from the smallest to the fastest machines (200/400 bpm), with a focus inherent to its market: MULTI-FORMAT, FLEXIBILITY, FASTEST FORMAT CHANGEOVER and the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY on the market.

PKB has only one ambition: to be the world leader in cosmetic and fragrance filling machines.

PKB has renewed 100% of its range of machinery. It currently has the most technological range on the market, several steps ahead of the competition.


The range of applications is vast:

Perfumes (bottles, samples, miniatures), liquid Cosmetics (shampoo, conditioner, lotions, gel, serum, foam bath, liquid soap, shower gel, hair dye, nail varnish, foundation, makeup remover, suntan lotion, deodorant, roll-on, etc.) and Cosmetic creams (jars, lip-gloss, mascara).  Savoir-faire